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When you need more people to listen to what you have to say

Cut through the hype... and you still need to talk to sell

Many  Web based companies will have you believe that “e-selling/buying” is the way forward and advise your to send out thousands of emails to sell your solution.

Just think: How many emails do you delete every day without reading them? It might be that you need what they are selling - but they take up your time without compelling you to read them - so you see them as intrusive.

When you are dealing with corporate budgets and looking to sell complex technology solutions, or a service oriented approach, you have to show a duty of care with corporate spend.  You still need to MEET and TALK to your prospects.

However, we’ve all tried telemarketing and MOST of us hate it and it is human nature that we cannot excel at something we do not enjoy.  Great telemarketers are hard to find! Recruitment is expensive, time consuming and you can't always be sure you are getting the right person for the job.  Once they are in position you will have to find a whole host of different ways to keep them motivated on an ongoing basis.

THIS is the foundation of our telemarketing SUCCESS - we have found some great telemarketers and they LOVE their job.

Our resources are all experienced business to business telemarketers who choose to do what they do.  They have been gaining their professional wins from success on the phone for at least 15 years in each case.

They are all UK based, in an open plan office and they thrive on each other’s success. They have experience of talking to most market sectors, and communicating at all levels within an organisation. They all have a different approach, but after all, the human species are also all different so adapting to their target’s surroundings is what helps them succeed.

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High call rates with the following daily results*

  • 80-100 calls
  • 12-15 decision makers
  • 2 appointments
  • 3-4 information requests
  • 5-6 call back opportunities in line with reviews

Note: * depends on sector and project

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